The Office Team: Agro Protection is made up of a core of full-time permanent staff who manage and administer the agricultural protocols that we create. This group supports the 125 staff that work for us throughout each growing season, conducting the farm-visits and carrying out the reconciliation process that allows us to determine compliance.

Our office team works very closely with the personnel of each of our clients that are dedicated to the protection of intellectual property. Developing the protocols and annual updates and changes, on top of the day-to-day administration of each program, our staff are knowledgeable about not only the agricultural products of each of our clients but more so about how our work affects the image of each client. Interacting directly with many of the farmers that we visit also provides us an opportunity to positively represent our clients.

The Farm “Visit” Team: Our farm-visit team is comprised largely of retired law enforcement officers from the crop-growing regions of the U.S. These personnel are chosen for their ability to calmly interact with people in uncomfortable or upsetting situations, to relate to them the importance of the matter at hand, and to maintain and build relationships in even the briefest of encounters. The vast majority have over 25 years of service with their respective law enforcement agencies. Many of our investigators had distinctive service in a variety of areas such as Major Crimes, Commercial Crime and Special Investigative Units.

Within this group of individuals, we have a select few that have dedicated themselves to this area of work and have become very knowledgeable in the agricultural intellectual property. They have made significant contacts in and around their geographical areas that allow us to retrieve relevant information that sometimes might not be readily available. 

Our investigators are trained and monitored to ensure that they are promoting a positive image for our clients in all their dealings, including with farmers found to be in violation. More importantly, this respectful treatment is always in place for those farmers found to be in compliance with the relevant agreements.

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